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Wheel Alignments & TiresAt Viking Automotive in Houston, TX, we understand that there is only one point of contact between your car and the road – your tires. Keeping up with your tires and their health may not be something you think about every day, but it is an essential piece of maintenance that will not only keep you safe but also extend the life of your car. Part of keeping your tires in good working order is proper wheel alignment, which helps your tires wear more evenly and ensures you have as smooth a ride as possible. If your car is in need of either a wheel alignment or tire services, Viking Automotive is a name you can trust.

Wheel Alignment in Houston TX

What is a wheel alignment? It is the process of adjusting a vehicle’s suspension to bring the tires in line with one another, and to make sure all four tires hit the road at the same angle. When you bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment, we will put it up on our lifts and connect it to our special computer alignment device. Our technician will then work with your vehicle’s suspension and wheels to bring all four tires into line. It is a relatively simple and quick process, but one that is invaluable not just for your tires but your entire vehicle. If you’ve noticed your car pulling to one side or another while driving in a straight line, or you feel your wheels vibrating or shaking while driving, you may be in need of a wheel alignment. The only way to know for sure is to bring your vehicle into Viking Automotive and have our wheel alignment pros take a look.

Tire Services in Houston TX

Even perfectly aligned wheels aren’t going to do your car any good if your tires are in bad shape. Damage or wear can mean an unsafe driving experience, so making sure your tires are in tip-top shape at all times should be top of mind for all drivers. How can you tell if your tires are too worn? Grab a penny and put it between the treads of your tires. If you can see the top of ole Honest Abe’s head, your tires are too worn and require replacement. But what if you have tire damage, like a nail or a screw? So long as there is no sidewall damage, we can generally plug or patch minor damage to your tires. But no matter what is wrong with your tires, the tire pros at Viking Automotive can help.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

For all things wheel alignments and tires, you can trust the experts at Viking Automotive. Our techs have over 75 years combined experience and can help you get things back in line and back on the road fast. Make an appointment today!

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