You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

At Viking Automotive, we understand auto repair can be a tough subject. We want you to understand everything we do, so we’ve assembled this list of the questions we are asked the most.
If we can’t answer your questions here, you are always welcome to reach out. Visit our Contact Page or give us a call.

If you make an appointment with Viking Automotive, we can usually get most repairs done the same day.
For non-appointment work or walk-ins, we can usually have the repairs or service completed in one day, depending on the availability of parts.

You can leave your keys in the dropbox right next to Viking Automotive’s front door. It’s available 24/7.

Of course! We offer shuttle services for those who live or work within a 2.5 mile radius of our shop, and we have loaner cars available for anyone who’s repair will take more than one day.

Of course! 100%. A lot of folks believe that all service and repair work must be done at the dealership to avoid voiding the warranty. This is a misconception. It is a law that dealerships must honor warranties when cars are serviced elsewhere.

We do recommend the dealership in a few instances. Recalls, airbag repair, and factory warranty work are all great reasons to see your dealership. For everything else, come to Viking Automotive.

Of course! We can absolutely provide work for extended warranties, and we will always double-check that our service or repair is covered before we ever get started.

Of course! Most of our lifelong customers arrived in our bays for the first time for an oil change, and thought of us when they needed more extensive repairs and services. It’s a great way to get to know us!

Sadly, no. Our warranty covers only parts that we source. So in order to provide you with a warranty you can trust, we only work with parts sourced in-house.

1. HIGH QUALITY. The same type of part can have a wide range of quality options, ranging from high-quality OEM level (i.e. dealer parts) to low-quality, imitation level (i.e. eBay parts). Many parts stores offer this entire spectrum as well, typically designated by the categories of “Good, Better, Best.” All of the parts at Viking Automotive are of OEM or better quality!

2. FULL WARRANTY. Parts purchased over-the-counter at parts stores carry a “part cost” warranty. This means that if the part should fail, the store would give you a replacement part over-the-counter. It would then be your responsibility to replace the failed part and complete the labor again. At Viking Automotive, we add a “full replacement cost” warranty to the store’s warranty. This means that if the part fails within 3 years or 36,000 miles, we will cover the repair in FULL, including labor!

We do, but we find that your better choice would be to bring it to an OEM dealership, especially if the car is less than three years old. The dealership will be able to monitor any open safety recalls or service announcements on the vehicle, and will often complete those repairs the same day you visit for an inspection.

If you’re driving it, chances are we can fix it. We work on all makes and models, with the exception of some of the more exotic, foreign brands. Want to know if we can work on your vehicle? Give us a call and find out!

We service vehicles going back to the year 2001. Due to shortages of old parts and updated diagnostics information, we simply cannot work on cars more than 20 years old. If you drive an older vehicle, we can provide a recommendation for another shop.

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