Brake Repair

No matter your plans for your day, a big family trip, or just your daily commute to work, your brakes take a toll. Every car and driver combination wears their brakes differently. The three main factors that equate to brake pad wear are driving habits, make/model of your car, and the environment in which you live. The good news is that no matter where you live, how you drive, or what car you drive, Viking Automotive in Houston, TX, is here to help repair and maintain your brakes, keeping you and others safe. We are the brake repair Houston #1 choice!

Brake Repair

Brake Service Houston, TX

At Viking Automotive, we offer the best brake services in town. We know the importance of a regularly scheduled brake inspection. Now you may be thinking, what is the difference between a brake repair and brake service? A brake service consists of checks that our mechanics perform to identify if your car needs a brake repair. These checks include:

  • Brake pad life inspection (thickness check)
  • Brake fluid check
  • Checking rotors for heat spots
  • And checking your calipers, ensuring they open and close properly

Doing these checks allows the mechanic to inform you if you require a brake repair. You should get these inspections done every so often, but come in if you experience any of the following:

  • Loud squealing noise
  • Burnt smell
  • Trouble slowing down effectively
  • Notice any leaking brake fluid

Then it would be time for a brake repair, and who better than Viking Automotive to handle this for you.

Brake Repair Houston, TX

So you have come in for a brake service/inspection, and we found something that needs replacing. Not a problem. That is just what we do here at Viking Automotive. The most common issue that needs repair when it comes to brakes is pad replacements. When you press on the brake pedal, this closes the caliper, the housing that holds the brake pads, which applies pressure to the rotors slowing you down. This friction created between the pads and rotors causes the pads to wear down and need replacement. Other repairs include rotor resurfacing/replacement, brake fluid flushes, brake line replacements, and caliper replacements. Viking Automotive does it all.

Brake Repair Near Me

If any of the above content applies to you, bring your car to Viking Automotive in Houston, TX, for a brake repair or service. We are ready to help get you back to your everyday life. Call or set an appointment online today.

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