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The heat in Houston is a year-round event and there is nothing worse than getting into your vehicle and not being able to cool down. Instead of being uncomfortable come see Viking Automotive, the leaders in automotive AC system repairs this side of Houston, TX. We strive to make you comfortable year-round with the best in class AC diagnostics and repairs. Your AC system has a lot of moving parts, so why trust just anyone with the repair? Instead, call on our team of experts for auto AC repair in Houston, TX you know you can trust.

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Your Car’s AC System

Do you ever wonder how your car can take the average outside air and turn it into the difference between freezing in the winter and sweating in the summer? Most people don’t think about it or even wonder. Not us here at Viking Automotive. We are always thinking about cars and how they function. So let us shed a little light for you. Your car’s AC has a few main parts, the AC compressor, the condenser, the evaporator core, and the accumulator. It all starts with the refrigerant turning into a liquid from the compressor. It is then cooled by the condenser, turned from high-pressure to low-pressure, and the evaporator core removes the heat, and then it has the moisture removed by the accumulator. The refrigerant is cooled, and the heat and humidity are taken out to provide you with excellent, fresh air coming out of the vents.

Auto AC Repair Houston, TX

Is your AC not blowing as hot or as cool as it used to? Is it blowing strong, but it’s just air? An issue could cause problems with a hose in the loop, a problem with refrigerant levels, or, in some more severe cases, the compressor, the accumulator, the evaporator core, or the condenser. All these components make up the AC system in your car, so it can be hard to know what it is just by looking. Thankful our mechanics know just the proper tests to perform to find the fix. The fix could be as simple as replacing a hose or a quick AC recharge. Unfortunately, it could involve replacing a cracked AC condenser, a failing accumulator, or even the evaporator core on the flip side. No matter the cause, Viking Automotive has a solution, and your repairs can be completed within your budget. We never expect these things to go wrong or stop working, but it helps to know you have a reliable auto shop to lean on when times get tough.

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