TransmissionsPretty much everyone knows that your transmission is the most complicated part of your car. Clocking in at 800 individual pieces, transmissions are finely tuned and are an extremely delicate piece of machinery. The transmission, which is responsible for changing the gears in your car as you gain or lose speed, can seriously sideline your car if it has a problem. You can avoid this problem by keeping up with your car’s transmission maintenance. And if your car does end up with a transmission issue, the pros at Viking Automotive in Houston, TX can help.

Transmissions Service in Houston, TX

As important and delicate as the transmission is, it really doesn’t need much attention for the first few years of your car’s life. Transmission service is normally recommended by vehicle manufacturers for every 30,000 – 60,000 miles for manual transmissions, and 60,000 – 100,000 miles for automatic transmissions. Regardless of whether you drive a manual or an automatic, ignoring these milestone inspections can spell big trouble for your vehicle. If your transmission is nearing these mile counts, don’t put off service for too long. Instead, make sure you get into Viking Automotive for your scheduled service and avoid transmission trouble in the future.

Transmissions Repair in Houston, TX

When it comes to transmission repair, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that transmission problems usually occur in older vehicles and tend to appear slowly over time. Getting your vehicle repaired at the first sign of transmission trouble is a sure-fire way to avoid the bad news – transmission issues tend to be among the most expensive repairs out there. So when you feel a gear slip, hear grinding noise when changing gears or smell something strange while accelerating, you may have transmission troubles. At the very first sign of an issue, make sure to get your car to the bays at Viking Automotive. If we catch the problem while it’s small, we can save you plenty of headaches – and dollars.

Transmission Repair Near Me

Whether your car is nearing its milestone transmission service or you have the signs of transmission trouble, the experienced transmission pros at Viking Automotive can help out. With our combined 75 years of experience working on transmissions, you can be sure we will get things handled quickly and get you back on the road fast. Make an appointment with Viking Automotive today!

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