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We are the SAAB Repair Shop in Houston

We are fully-equipped with the all the necessary special tools, SAAB Tech-2, GM MDI and diagnostic tools to service and repair your Saab to the quality and level you expect.

Saab North America chose Viking Automotive as Houston’s Saab Official Service Center due to our knowledge, customer service and go to for everything Saab.

Viking Automotive performs maintenance, service and repairs on the following Saab models:

9-3 9-5 9-2x 9-4x 9-7x

We support all models of Saab. We only use Original Saab Parts.

A Saab Repair Customer Experience Like No Other

At Viking Automotive in West Houston, near Spring Branch, we have an expert team of technicians with over 50 years of experience in all areas of automotive service, repair, and maintenance.

We Fix Everything Saab!

Viking Automotive is your top independent auto repair garage for Saab repairs and service in the Houston region.

We are fully-equipped with the all the necessary special tools, including the Saab Diagnostic System. With this system we are able to offer dealer level diagnostic as well as any manufacturer level software updating. We offer Tech 2 Programming, Key programming and are convertible top specialists fixing all types of Saab convertible top problems.

Let’s face it – you don’t see many Saab vehicles rolling around the streets of Houston anymore. Saab, the Swedish auto manufacturer, officially stopped rolling vehicles off the assembly line in 2014, so the brand has become one admired and revered by auto enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether Saab is making new vehicles is irrelevant, however, to the enthusiasts who love the brand. Enthusiastic fans of the brand aim to keep their Saabs on the road for as long as possible. At Viking Automotive, we take pride in sharing a love for Saabs only matched by their owners, and we have the know-how to get these unique and fantastic vehicles serviced, repaired, and running like new. In fact, we were chosen by Saab North America as Houston’s only official service center. If the company themselves endorses us, why would you bring your Saab anywhere else?

Saab Service in Houston TX

Did you know that the first Saab was built entirely by hand? The Ursaab, as it was called, debuted in 1946, and the first Saab production model, the 92, rolled off the assembly line just three years later. What followed was decades of quality Swedish automaking, with dozens of models produced and hundreds of thousands of cars sold. With the brand now a thing of the past, the remaining Saabs on the road must be treated with the utmost care, and only brought to mechanics who understand and love the brand. In Houston, TX, the only choice for Saab service is Viking Automotive. Our team loves the Saab brand as much as you do, and we are happy to work with you on a comprehensive service lan that will keep your Saab going for years to come.

Saab Repair in Houston TX

It’s the fear of every driver who owns a classic or otherwise unique vehicle – something is wrong with it and you don’t know if any service shop around has the parts, the expertise, or the patience to help out. At Viking Automotive, we have a long history of working with the Saab brand, and we are not just qualified, but excited to work on yours. Even if you’ve kept up with the maintenance on your Saab, eventually something will go wrong. When that happens, the only name you should think of is Viking Automotive.

Saab Service Near Me

If you are a discerning vehicle owner and Saab is your brand, we understand the loyalty and love you have for your vehicle. We share that love, and that shines through in all the work we do. And while the Saab brand may be going the way of the dinosaur, we are still delighted every single time one comes into the shop for service or repair. If you drive a Saab in Houston, TX, Viking Automotive should be programmed into your smartphone as your one-stop shop for all things Saab. Give us a call or make an appointment today!

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